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Can Lids 206 SOT

Short Description:

Aluminum end with Stay-On Tab (SOT) is widely used for beverage cans, as the tab does not detach from the end after opening to prevent the tab from being scattered.
We provide a wide range of ends in different diameters and aperture sizes for various contents and filling conditions.

Available size: #200, #202, #206, #209

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#206 Diameter Aluminum can ends SOT B64 Type


  • ◇  Raw Material: Aluminum Alloy 5182
  • ◇  End Size: Φ206
  • ◇  End Type:  B64
  • ◇  Open Type: SOT( stay-on type ) 
  • ◇  Coating: Epoxy 
  • ◇  Outside Curl Dia.: 64.82 ± 0.25mm
  • ◇  Color Option: Golden, Black, Blue or other cutomized colors(for both shell and tab)
  • ◇  Logo Option: support pattern, QR code, letters printing on both shell and tab; letters carved or embossed on the shell. 
  • ◇  Packing: 500pcs/sleeve X 17sleeves/ layer X 18layers/pallet = 153,000pcs/pallet
  • ◇  Applications: 2-piece aluminum or PET cans


For more details, please download our specification and leave your questions, we will contact you as soon as we can.

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