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Open the Market of Russia Far East

In August 2020, the first batch of Black Beauty beer were successfully delivered to Russia Far Eastern market. As the famous beer brand of JINBOSHI brewery, this is the first time Black Beauty beer goes into Russia market.

Recent years, demand for high-quality beer is rising in Russia. Meanwhile, China has long promoted economic exchanges with the Russian Far East.

“A friend from China pushed me to start thinking about importing beer in Russia”, Said Victor Loginov, the importer of Black Beauty beer. “Many people here complained it could not find high-quality beer domestically, and it was eager to learn brewing techniques from other countries”.

Finally, Victor contacted JINBOSHI and got the invitation to visit brewery. Last November, after visiting JINBOSHI and trying our beer, Victor was satisfied with our brewery processing and technology.

Though the beer sales is not good because of coronavirus, the craft beer of high-quality can still get its market.

When we reach Victor by telephone, he is happy to talk about brewing, and he is happy to talk about beer future in Russia. Our discussion, meanwhile, reaches back father than – back 12 months to when Victor first chatted with us online. “If we could import other goods made in China, why can we also import China beer ?” Victor’s idea to try import China beer finally make it come true in 2020 year.

“To be honest, I’ve tried almost every beer when I visited China”, Victor said, “then finally I ended up with Black Beauty. It’s a matter that I really appreciate because I find a good partner in China”.

Another reason he sticks with Black Beauty: all the hops and yeasts we adopted are sourced from Europe or America. That’s an important part of good beer brewing, he thinks. “That’s one of my favorite source for my beer business. It’s something I really appreciate”, Victor repeats.

Post time: Oct-20-2020