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New Arrival, Sleek 355ml Aluminum Cans

As one of top exporters of two-piece aluminum cans from China, we ERJIN CAN is experienced and professional to support your beer/beverage package in can. The can is widely used for beer, wine, soft drinks, energy drinks, juices, tea, coffee, sparkling water, etc. and we have exported the cans to more than 35 countries.

Now the new can type is Sleek 12oz 355ml which is one of the popular can size in North and South America for filling Beer, Hard Seltzer and sparkling drinks, etc. Compared with classic standard 12oz 355ml can, sleek 355ml can is higher on shelf and more attractive for consumers. Currently, North America is facing an unprecedented shortage of aluminum cans due to increasing market needs of canned drinks which is more easy to take out or be sold on line. More and more consumer consume beer or soft drinks at home instead of restaurant during the COVID-19 pandemic. Then for the beer or beverage producer, aluminum can is more better package. So 12oz 355ml can sleek type will be one more choice.

No matter you are a mobile canning service provider, a distributor or a direct user of the can, we welcome your enquiry and will provide our best service.

We also offer below products, print or silver or customized design is possible.

1. Aluminum cans
-Standard 250ml(Stubby one)/330ml/355ml(12oz)/473ml(16oz)/500ml
-Sleek 200ml/250ml/310ml/330ml/

-Slim 250ml

2.Aluminum can ends
-200/202/206 SOT/RPT B64 type
-202 SOT/RPT CDL type

3. six-pack Plastic beer can holder                                                       

Our advantages:

1. Our production capacity for aluminum cans is 4 million per day and we can meet customers’ huge demand in short time;

2. Different products for your choice;

3. Rich exporting experience of aluminum cans which help you to save time and avoid unknown risk;

4. High-quality products, competitive price and minimum order quantity;

So please don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to know any more, Email: sales1@erjincan.com


Post time: Sep-02-2020