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Jinan Erjin’s Exhibition on the 127th Online Canton Fair

Every year, the Canton Fair attracts buyers from all over the world to gather in Guangzhou to purchase goods, source supplier and exchange experiences. It is known as "China's No. 1 Exhibition". Due to the global spread of the COVID-19, the 127th Canton Fair was held online. Jinan Erjin Import & Export Co., Ltd., as a company that has participated many times, responded positively to the online exhibition.

As one beer and packaging company that is striving to expand overseas markets, we make full use of online platforms, live broadcast, cloud exhibition halls, online conferences and other methods to fully display beer, aluminum cans, and aluminum can lids to exhibitors around the world. And according to the actual situation of each overseas market, we have developed personalized live broadcast scheme. According to the distribution characteristics of customers, we have divided the four live broadcast time zones of America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Middle East Africa. We have carried out live broadcast promotion in different time periods and targeted ways, and have a seamless connection with buyers from all over the world.

As a professional beer and packaging company, we have more than 15 years of experience in the beer and can packaging industry. Our Beer has obtained the HACCP certificate and FDA food record. The exquisite production technology and high-quality materials make our beer highly praised. Besides our own brand, we also provide a wide range of services such as OEM. We are proud to be involved in the export of two piece aluminum beverage cans, as two-piece aluminum beverage cans are the best choice for beverage packaging. Aluminum can is environmentally friendly, light weight, easy to carry and can be recycled. At present, our cans have passed a variety of tests, obtained a variety of test reports and exported to many countries.

Jinan Erjin import & Export Co., Ltd. will take the "sincere, win-win" cooperation concept, and excellent product quality, contributing to the export of Chinese beer and cans.

Post time: Sep-02-2020